Calling all Choir parents!

This year, we are starting the Los Osos Choir Booster parent volunteer organization.  We would love for all available parents to get involved in any way they can. We have created a short survey in order to get your contact information and any interests/suggestions you may have. This organization is for parents, grandparents, family members, and friends of our choir program. We would love to have you in our new Booster Club! Please complete the Google Form below to let us know how you would like to get involved.


We are happy to say that some parents have stepped in to help establish our Executive Board. Although we no longer have board positions open, we do have several committees that need leadership and participation. 


Director of Choirs
Bethany Encina

Ashley Hunter

VP of Events
Jason Siegersma

Lori Villasenor


VP of Fundraising
Brenda Fenn

Caroline Contreras

Esther Kim

Apparel Officer
Liz Shorts

Communications Officers
Paul Rojo

Kim Carrillo

Choir Captains

Connor Hendricks

Rachel Bahk

Sarah Fenn



Choir Historians

Natasha Patel


Haley Contreras

Positions still needed:

Recruitment Officer - Recruiting at Jr. High/Elementary level for Cub Choirs
District Liaison - District choir event communications
Digital/Printer - When school opens back up
Media Organizer - Video, Picture Organization