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Heritage Festival

Performance Schedule

6:15 st

Hinbarra - by Michael McGlynn - Serenata Treble Choir (Translation)

Hinbarra is a song in the Irish language in the voice of a fisherman living on the coast of Ireland. He sings about his little boat ("bhaidin") which will carry him across the sea to the west. 

Vargsången - Sara Buck (Translation)

This Swedish song is in the voice of a mother who worries about her children sleeping in the night as the wolf prowls outside. She sings that she'll offer various livestock to the wolf in exchange for leaving her children unharmed.

Mabagal - Sean Ferdinand Clenista & Sofia Evangelista (Translation)

This popular song in Tagalog speaks of the thrill of finally having the opportunity to dance with someone the singer has admired from a distance for a long time.

Bésame Mucho - Joshua Montano (Translation)

This is a popular Mexican song which translates: "Kiss me more, kiss me much more times as if this beautiful night is the very last time, because I fear I will lose you."

Peach Blossom Water Dance - YuXuan Liu

Thangamey - Tanush Menon (Translation)

In this song in Hindi, the singer professes his love and longing for a beautiful woman. 

La Llorona - Michael Alonso (Translation)

This popular Mexican song in Spanish sings of the legend of La Llorona who drowned her children in a river in a rage at her unfaithful husband. As a spirit, she was condemned to wander the shores of the river forever searching for her dead children. This macabre song is often associated with Día de los Muertos.

Hej sokoly - Jacob Meroth (Translation)

This Polish folk song laments the loss of love and home as the singer bids farewell to their lover and to "the green Ukraine."

Y Andale - Lauren Barba (Translation)

This is a popular Mexican song in which the singer describes being in denial about her bad drinking habits which have been caused by a relationship turned sour.

HBCU Sorority Stroll - Black Student Union

"A Sorority or Fraternity Stroll is a dance created by African Americans and performed by each of the nine historically Black sororities and fraternities, called the "Divine 9". Black Student Union will be performing an all-incorporative stroll, paying homage to the four sororities "Sigma Gamma Rho", "Alpha Kappa Alpha", "Zeta Phi Beta", and "Delta Sigma Theta""

7:15 Set

The Mountain Temple - Meistersingers Baritone Choir 

This is a popular Japanese Children's Song which pokes fun at the priests of the mountain temple as they chant in sanskrit. The singer describes a priest who is a fan of football, but has no ball handy, so he punts a nearby cat instead. The singer then describes a tanuki (racoon) who likes to beat the drum of the temple every morning. One day when the drum is broken, he puffs up his belly and plays it instead of the drum.


The Greatest Love of All - Bunni Fortson

This song, by African American pop icon Whitney Houston, is an anthem of hope and self worth, celebrating belief in oneself in the face of extreme adversity.

Lydia - Asher Zhang (Translation)

This popular Chinese song speaks encouragement to Lydia, who has been abandoned by a loved one. The singer reminds Lydia that "even without him, you can keep your dream." 

Buachaill on Eirne by Michael McGlynn - Encore Treble Choir (Translation)

This Irish folk song is in the voice of a boy from Ireland who brags about his charm and ability to win the heart of any girl he chooses.


Dernière Danse - Noor Boustani (Translation)

This popular French song is in the voice of a person who has lost their love and sings about the agony of being without them. The singer wanders the streets of Paris and dances their "last dance" since life is empty without the one they love.

Ana La Habibi - Julie Farraj (Translation) 

This Arabic song translates to "I Belong to My Lover" and describes love between two people using imagery of spring and nature.


Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang - Ethan Chua & Larissa Fernandez (Translation)

This song in Tagalog complains, "Why are you only here now, when my heart is occupied? I wish I knew that you would come into my life; I wouldn't have been left waiting."


Folklorico Dance - Abby & Cat Sterling

This Mexican folk dance (Baile folklórico) originates in the state of Sinaloa. 


The Rocky Road to Dublin - Michael Gibson

This traditional Irish song is meant to be sung in good company with friends! The audience is expected to join in on the refrain when they hear "rocky road to Dublin" with:

"One two three four five
Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road
And all the way to Dublin, Whack fol lol le rah!"


Black Swan - Kpop club

This song representing the culture of South Korea is an ode to burnout and losing love for ones passions. Members of KPop Club: Ryley Ervin, Sarah Mendez, Mikayla Cheesman, Annie Chui, Julianna Winebarger, Aiko lu, Coco Wu

8:15 Set

Desh by Ethan Sperry - Chamber Singers

Desh is a contemporary choral piece which celebrates classical Indian music. Desh is one of the many Indian raga, or scales which musicians use to build melodies. The chanted text is a celebration of syllables used in the Indian tradition to pass down rhythmic patterns from teacher to student. The syllables are chosen to imitate pitched drums.

Cumbia Medley - Olivia Gonzalez-Salgado (Translation)

This popular Mexican song in Spanish speaks of the pain of lost love and choosing to walk away from a failed romance.

La Llorona - Ariana Bussell (Translation)

This popular Mexican song in Spanish sings of the legend of La Llorona who drowned her children in a river in a rage at her unfaithful husband. As a spirit, she was condemned to wander the shores of the river forever searching for her dead children. This macabre song is often associated with Día de los Muertos.


3 Daqat - Leanna & Lisa Farraj (Translation)

This Arabic song tells the story of someone having an encounter with a magical woman who "comes up from the sea like a mermaid." The singer will never forget the beauty and the mystery of their encounter together.

The Filipino Club

Members: Hope Urgino, Lara Velasquez, Natalie Zollinger, Sophia Nario, Madelyn Hamai

Sabor a Mi - Eden Engebretsen (Translation)

This popular Mexican song in Spanish celebrates the intimacy between two people who have loved one another. The singer relates, "I don't want to own you, but you will carry my essence with you into eternity."

Tujhe Dekha To - Mariam Haqqani (Translation)

In this Indian song in Hindi, the singer describes the changes they have undergone by falling in love. They sing that "Your tears came to my eyes, and all my sorrows started to smile. This heart is not interested in anything else."


Los Laureles - Nadia Gutierrez (Translation)

This popular Mexican song, originally sung in Spanish by Linda Ronstadt, sings of the beauty of women compared to Laurels and roses, and the unhappy ending of many a love affair.

TaReKiTa - LOHS Choirs

This contemporary choral piece by Indian American composer Reena Esmail is a celebration of Indian Classical Music. The syllables sung are not in Hindi, but are the syllables used in Indian music to represent the rythymic patterns taught to students of music to learn traditional classical music. The choir will also perform several hand gestures called mudras which are a form of classical Indian dance. 

LOHS Alma Mater - LOHS Choirs

Please join us in singing the LOHS Alma Mater, translated into Spanish with the help of many of our Spanish-speaking students, parents and staff.


All Hail to thee our alma mater

Aclamar a nuestra alma mater

The Blue the gold and the white

El azul, el oro y blanco

And we thy sons and daughters

Y nosotros tus hijos e hijas

Will always look to thee for light

Siempre buscara en ti la luz

Thy spirit rises as the mountain peaks

Tu alma asciende como picos montañas

From the valleys to the skies

De los valles a los cielos

We’ll falter never, live forever

Cairemos nunca viviremos por siempre

Hail Los Osos High

Aclamar Los Osos High

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