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Heritage Festival

Performance Program

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the diversity on our campus! If you'd like to make a donation to the LOHS Choir program, please use the "donate" button above. All proceeds go towards our general choir activities, or you can specify that you'd like to support our Advanced Choirs' tour to New York City!

6:15 st


   Encore Treble Choir

Amber Becerra, Laila Agosto & Abigail Sterling, soloists

Cúnnla is a sean-nós (or old-style) children's song from Ireland about a house spirit named Cúnnla. The singer says "Who is that knocking on the wall downstairs? Me, myself says Cúnnla. Who is that pulling the blanket off me and tickling the soles of my feet? Me, myself says Cúnnla!" (Translation here)

Red is the Rose                 

   Michael Gibson

Red is the Rose is a Traditional Irish song which speaks of love and loss. (Lyrics here)

Cuando Hay Amor         

   Olivia Gonzalez-Salgado

Cuando Hay Amor is a song by Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan. It is a Latin pop song considered to be a celebration of love, set the the beat of Brazilian and Cuban drums. (Translation here)

Dance Performance       

   Punjabi Culture Club

Punjabi Culture Club strives to educate Osos students of their culture and hopes to create a safe environment for those of the same heritage. The dance style is called bhangra (pung-rah) and it is a traditional folk dance that stems from Punjabi! 

Bahekbek Ya Lebnan       

   Noor Boustani

Bahekbek Ya Lebnan is a song in Arabic expressing love for the country of Lebanon. ( Translation here)

Cielito Lindo                   

   Johanna Martinez

Cielito Lindo is a popular Mexican folk song in Spanish. Cielito translates to "little heaven" but is used as a term of endearment similar to "sweetie." (Translation here

GuZheng Performance   

   Janice Pan

The GuZheng is a traditional Chinese zither instrument. A zither is any instrument which is plucked when played. The GuZheng is tuned to the pentatonic (or five-tone) scale, which is prominent in folk styles of music from China.

Bando Ribinnean           

   Meistersingers Baritone Choir

Bando Ribinnean is a modern choral song by composer Michael McGlynn. The language is Scottish Gaelic and translates to "with bands of ribbons tied around my head, I will cross over the river." It is similar to a style of singing from Scotland known as Puirt à beul (or Tunes from the mouth), in which text is sung at very fast tempos, like a tongue twister.


   Georgia Reyes

Todavía is a modern popular cumbia song by Corpus Christi artists Cruz Martínez y Los Super Reyes. The lyrics speak of love and loss. (Translation here)

Tinikling Dance               

   Filipino Culture Club

Tinkiling is a traditional Phillipine folk dance which originated during the Spanish colonial era. The dance is traditionally performed to rondalla music and mimics the movement of Tikling birds dodging in and out of tall grasses.

Mi Ranchito                     

   Nadia Gutierrez

Mi Ranchito is a popular song by legendary Mexican singer Vicente Fernández. The lyrics are in Spanish and refer to the loss of betrayal leaving home. (Song Translation


   Bear Voices

Tipitin is an arrangement of a song written by the first female Mexican songwriter to achieve international acclaim, María Grever. It achieved popularity through performances by many singers and was eventually translated into English and made popular by The Andrews Sisters. The lyrics are in Spanish and describe the mystery of love, while the voices imitate the plucked strings of a guitar. (Translation here)

7:15 Set


   Chamber Singers

Michael Gibson, Mikah Carson, Corinne McCorkle & Nathaniel Casequin, soloists

Dulaman is a modern setting by composer Michael McGlynn of the text of a traditional Irish sean-nós (or old style) song in the Irish language. The lyrics are repetitive and describe "Irish Seaweed," in reference to a suitor seeking the hand of a young woman. (Translation here)


   Tanush Menon

Ullaallaa is a song by Anirudh Ravichander from the 2019 film Petta. The uplifting lyrics are in Tamil and are a celebration of living life to the fullest. (Translation here)

Poetry Reading                               

   Arab Culture Club

Members of the LOHS Arab Culture Club will read "I Come from There" By Mahmoud Darwish

(Full text here)

Quincho Barrilete                           

   Larissa Fernandez

From Quincho Barrilete was written by one of Nicaragua’s most popular folklore musicians – Carlos Mejias Godoy. It was written about the plight of a young boy, of the same name, who worked as a street vendor selling pens, chewing gum, and kites that he would sometimes fly in the street. The money he made went toward helping his mother pay for his siblings to attend school. During the most violent days of the revolution in the 1970s, Quincho and many other children were callously murdered by the Somoza guards because they publicly denounced the dictatorship and demanded a better life. (Translation here)

Folklórico Dance                                   

   Abby Sterling

From Wikipedia: Baile folklórico, "folkloric dance" in Spanish, also known as ballet folklórico, is a collective term for traditional cultural dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics – pointed toes, exaggerated movements, highly choreographed.

I Have Nothing                                 

   Bunni Fortson

I Have Nothing was originally sung by icon of the American Black Community, Whitney Houston. It was her third major hit, ultimately leading to her being named by Rolling Stone as "the second greatest singer of all time." 

Lamma Bada Yatathanna                 

   Nicolas Awad

The text of this song is an Arabic muwashshah (a poetical form and musical genre) of the Nahawand maqam (a system of scales). The poem is considered one of the most famous Arabic pieces of its era. (Translation here)

Poetry Reading                               

    Mrs. Encina

Mrs. Encina will read a translation in the Irish Language of an excerpt from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

When I Met You                               

   EJ Leus

This song is by Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society (APO Hiking Society), icons of Original Philipino Music. (Full text here

Que Bonito Amor                                     

    Alexia Garica

Que Bonito Amor is a song performed by Mexican actress and singer, Lola Beltrán. She was one of Mexico's most acclaimed singers of Ranchera and Huapango music. The lyrics are in Spanish and celebrate the beauty of love and the way it changes those in love. (Translation here)

Bollywood Dance                             

   Karishma Gupta & ​​Jasnoor Massoun

8:15 Set

La Llorona


This popular song tells of the legend of La Llorona, a Mexican vengeful ghost who is said to roam near bodies of water mourning her children whom she drowned in a jealous rage after discovering her husband was cheating on her. (Translation here)

Por un Amor

Lauren Barba

This popular song in Spanish is a cry of self pity and mourning the loss of love. (Translation here)

Kifak Enta

Julie Farraj

Kifak Enta is a popular song in Arabic in which the singer expresses love for someone they have a history with. It was originally performed by Lebanese singer Fairuz, considered by many as one of the leading vocalists and most famous singers in the history of the Arab world. (Translation here)


Sankta Lucia

Sara Buck

Sankta Lucia is a song that tells the story of great Saint Lucy and her journey across Europe; bringing light to a dark ,cold winter while she marches the streets to bring food to the poor. While she was born in Italy her story of kindness and heroism towards those In need is celebrated in the many European countries she helped such as Sweden , on December 13. It is typically celebrated every year by children dressing up as her and waking up their parents to this song along with saffron buns. (Translation here)


Di Na Muli

Sofia Evangelista

Di Ni Muli is a song by the Filipino Rock Band The Itchworms. The lyrics are in Tagalog and speak of nostalgic regret of past love. (Translation here)

Son Mercedes

Newfangled Six

Son Mercedes is a popular song from Cuba. The Spanish lyrics speak of the singer's lover Mercedes, how beautiful she is, and the complicated past they share.

Adios Amor

Braxton McKindley

Adiós Amor is a song by Mexican singer-songwriter Christian Nodal. The song is a romantic ballad, with lyrics that tell the story of a man who is saying goodbye to the one he loves, knowing that it is the only way to move on. (Translation here)


Yuxuan Liu

Yuxuan will perform a style of Traditional Chinese dance. 


LOHS Choirs

Lucas Elliott, Demiah Benavides, soloists

This is a medley of two contrasting, Traditional African songs. The first, San'Bonani, is an IsiZulu song of welcome. The soloists call out to the choir, who responds in greeting. The second, Namhla Kudibene, is a IsiXhosa war cry, warning enemies of impending attack! 


Alma Mater

LOHS Choirs

Special thanks to the Magno & Evangelista families for your help with the translation!

Feel free to join us in singing the Alma Mater in Tagolog!

mabuhay ka aming Alma Mater


ang bughaw, ginto, at ang puti


at kaming inyong mga anak


laging tutungo para maliwanagan


diwa n’yo tataas sa taluktok ng bundok


mula sa lubos hanggang kalangitan


di mabibigo mabubuhay magpakailanman


mabuhay! Los Osos High

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