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OC Tour 🧳 Packet & Volunteerism ✋

Hello Choir Families!

The following message is for those students who reserved a spot on our OC Tour. That list of students is at the bottom of this email for confirmation. All others may disregard.

At the link below you will find an updated Tour Packet for our trip, including itinerary, packing list, behavior expectations, and a tour contract. This contract will be due to the Choir Inbox next Friday, February 18th.

Please read this packet VERY carefully, as it contains important details about our trip.

**Specifically, please note that students who are not fully vaccinated (not including the booster shot) will need to schedule an off-campus PCR test within 48 hours of our trip.**

In addition, parents please be aware that since our district transportation is unable to line up a bus for our return to LOHS, our students will need to return home with volunteer drivers. In the Tour Packet, you will find a permission slip specifically for students to ride with volunteer drivers. This will also be due to the Choir Inbox by Friday, February 18th.


Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable with your student riding with a volunteer, please make arrangements for them to be picked up by a parent at 8:30 pm from the Holiday Inn Express in Anaheim (1411 S Manchester Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802), and INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for your proactive attention to all of this information. I can't wait for our students to create memories together on this trip!

Keep Singing,

Bethany Encina

Director of LOHS Choirs


Abbey Worsdell

Alissa Thomas

Allison Lambert

Annie Chui

Ariana Bussell

Aurelius (Andy) Williford

Bret Byrd

Bunni Fortson

Cameron Escamilla

Carolina Isabel Alejandre

Cesar Landon Maglinte Lopez V

Claire Daley

Damien Benavides

Dashiell Grant Bailey

Ericson Brehmeyer

Ethan Chua

Faith Peterson

Georgia Reyes

Heather Stafford

Janie Chui

Johnny Fisher

Jordan Lance Alari

Kaylynn Cooley

Kharlee Fish

Kiara Plaza

Leanna Farraj

Lillie Lopez

Lucas Elliott

Mason Esquibel

Maxwell Alari

Maya Balling

Michael T. Gibson

Miles Rojo

Natasha Patel

Nicholas Martinez

Nicole Villasenor

Noor Boustani

Peyton Pierce

Rose Jin

Russhell Faskell

Samuel Fenn

Sara Buck

Sofia Cysneros

Zeno Corfee

Also, Our Booster Board NEEDS YOU!

Would you like to serve our choir program and assist Mrs. Encina in making your child’s high school choir experience great? Contact Mrs. Encina or any board member to get involved next year. We are still seeking help with: Communications, Events, and Apparel.

Director of Choirs

Bethany Encina 🎼


TBD 👩‍💼

Co-VPs of Events

Jason Siegersma 🎟️

Lori Villasenor 🎟️

VP of Fundraising

Brenda Fenn 🧁


Ron Jacobson💰


Esther Kim 📝

Alexis Benavides📝

Apparel Officer

Liz Shorts 👗

Communications Officers

Paul Rojo 👨‍💻

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