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Post Graduation Opportunities

Updated: Apr 11

LOHS Singers are in high demand in College, University, and Community Choirs. Whether you plan to major in music or not, continue to share your gift of singing in a choir after high school! Use the links below to audition for scholarships or join a local ensemble! Just be sure to call or email these organizations as previously closed opportunities may open up. Sometimes even faster than they can update their web pages. Also, don't be afraid to contact the director of admissions at the universities. It is their job to assist incoming students.

These ensembles may not hold auditions until the end of this year, or in 2022. However, it is important to keep checking every now and then, cause things can change and may open up. Just remember to prepare by having a few classical arias or art songs memorized that you really excel at. Know your vocal range, and be prepared to vocalize and sight-read. You'd be surprised who sings in pro choirs. Often it is folks in music education, but sometimes science majors, engineers, etc. Members can be a mix between volunteer and paid, but typically section leaders, and key members who perform a lot are on the payroll.

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